I'm a 41 year old Kick Ass Mom of an amazing 13 year old daughter.  I created Kick Ass Vegan just about 7 months ago after giving up all meat, dairy, eggs, cutting out most processed foods, salts, preservatives, additives, and most  bad stuff that can be consumed (side note: even the microwave). Shortly after turning 40 years old, I began to look at health differently, asking myself questions like, "What is it truly meant to love yourself?" and "What you are feeding your "BODY?" After unlearning, then re-learning how to cook from scratch, I learned that eating a 100 % plant based diet wasn't just fruits and salads, (Silly Me).  My goal was to created dishes that I loved and make them taste just as close or better than the original but meat, dairy, and egg free (100% Plant-Based Meals).

My mission is to feed the world 100% plant-based food that will kick your tastebuds ass. I'm out here just trying to change minds, "One kick ass meal at a time."